Export to your own website

You can easily display your offer on Machinetrack on your own website with our showroom function or XML link.

If you use the showroom function, you only need to add a line of code to your own website. A piece of the Machinetrack website will then be displayed on your website.

With the XML link you export the data 1-on-1 to your website. You then have full control over how the advertisements are displayed.

If you cannot make these links yourself, your web builder can help you. You can also request our guidance.

Both with the showroom function and with the XML link, changes that you make on Machinetrack are also automatically displayed on your website.

The showroom function contains many functions:

  • Reaction form on every page (so that people can send you a message immediately if they are interested)
  • Download machine information immediately
  • Forward by e-mail
  • Show YouTube or Vimeo movie
  • Display and download PDF documents at the machine
  • Social media links to share the machine
  • Quick search function
  • Choice between list or tile display
  • Selection number of machines per page
  • Sorting the machines according to different criteria (alphabetical, type, date, etc.)
  • Language selection (Dutch, English, German)
  • Create subcategories yourself

You can indicate yourself which settings should be standard. For example standard tile display or standard number of machines per page. Visitors to your website can adjust these settings yourself, unless you do not want to; then you can hide these options.

Showroom in your own font and color

The showroom has its own style. You can adjust that to your own house style. You can adjust the following:

  • Font style
  • Font size and color
  • Background color or pattern
Pas uw showroom aan uw eigen huisstijl.

When you choose an XML link, you have full control over how the ads are shown on your website.

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